Last month, our MyFlightTrain product team departed the “Silicon Slopes” here in Salt Lake City en route for WATS 2017—the 20th annual World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow—held in Orlando.

WATS 2017 logoIn case you’re not familiar with WATS, it’s where aviation training professionals go to learn, network, educate and see what’s new.

In our case, the MyFlightSolutions crew was there to publicly debut the next iteration of MyFlightTrain (version 8).

And if you’re unfamiliar with MyFlightTrain, it’s hands-down the best way to manage training for any aviation function—from pilots to flight attendants.

To find out what was new at WATS, and what to expect from MyFlightTrain, we had a quick Q&A chat with Samuel Schmitz, the Senior Product Manager for MyFlightTrain.

Here’s what Sam had to say about WATS 2017 and MyFlightTrain V8:


Q: Sam, what was new and different about WATS 2017 compared to previous years?

A: The biggest takeaway from WATS 2017—at least for me—was that there is still an obvious need for airline training centers to implement a flight training management system.

For instance, I spoke with a representative from a notable airline training center in South Florida who’s in need of a paperless solution. They still track their training programs manually—either by using spreadsheets or handwritten documentation on carbon-copy documents.

As you can imagine, their workflow is quite burdensome. So many of their staff spend more time auditing and organizing paper documents than they spend actually working to further their business.


Q: Why is WATS such a great venue to showcase MyFlightTrain?

A: Despite fewer WATS exhibitors this year than last year, we had great traffic at the MyFlightSolutions booth.

It’s always good to connect with our current clients in person—especially this year, since we were able to showcase the next-gen version of MyFlightTrain.

For current clients, like Aerostar, we demoed a prototype of our new schedule page (see image below) and displayed several new features of the system which will save them time and money for their schools. It’s amazing to get real-time customer validation on the direction we’re going. Nobody else in the market is delivering a platform like ours.

We also received several important leads and spoke with one of the leading Learning Management System (LMS) providers to discuss a potential integration.


Q: What can clients expect from the next version of MyFlightTrain?

A: This is an exciting year for MyFlightTrain because we’re launching Version 8 (V8) in August 2017.

One of the biggest improvements you can expect to see is the new functionality for our flight scheduling and billing subsystems.

We’ve redesigned MyFlightTrain to be even more flexible for every user, including flight clubs, flight schools, flight academies and airline training centers. We have already proven to increase revenue growth by 35% in these customer types, and I’m excited to see our new features drive this outcome even higher.

Another major benefit is that MyFlightTrain will soon be 100% accessible on any mobile device. This means that what you see on the desktop will translate to your tablet and smart phone, so nearly every workflow is available no matter what device a client is using.

Additionally, we’re excited to completely integrate our state-of-the-art platform into our MyFlightSolutions suite, which includes MyFlightMxShop, MyFlightFBO, MyFlightCharter and MyFlightAccounting.


Below: Here’s a V8 preview of MyFlightTrain’s flight school schedule by aircraft tail

MyFlightTrain V8 Training Schedule Software

Q: How many clients are using MyFlightTrain?

A: When we launched MyFlightTrain five years ago, we did so to fill a void in the flight training market. It was our vision to provide a best-in-class product for flight training management—to reduce the burden of managing complex functions around scheduling, billing and regulatory compliance.

Since its launch, MyFlightTrain has grown to support a variety of aviation operations—from small flight clubs to major airline training centers.

Currently, there are over 100 locations using MyFlightTrain, including some very large airline training centers and many top Universities.

Our engineering team is hard at work to provide our clients with a top-to-bottom solution for managing flight scheduling and flight training.


If you’re interested in seeing the latest features and benefits of MyFlightTrain, register for one of our monthly webinars.