Consulting and Services

Initial Setup and Conversion:

The setup and conversion service is optional. It is not uncommon for businesses to engage our staff to help with the initial setup and if needed the conversion activities.  This includes but is not limited aligning the system to your processes and procedures, initial data entry (or conversion from another system) of users, aircraft and courses if those are being used. This can also include aircraft, inventory, AR and AP initial entries when converting from another system or just getting the current “paper” totals and status into the system.

The conversion and startup time varies depending on the size of the operation and if it is a new installation or conversion from another system. Please call for details around options and parameters for this service. This can be done via day rate, fixed bid or custom paid engagement with on-site and off-site services.

If the business is using a legacy product there is a good chance FSL has already migrated that product to MyFlightSolutions.   In those cases, we have dependable and repeatable processes to make that conversion as fast and painless as possible.

Operational Consulting

This is a deeper consulting engagement targeting the business process and workflows of the operation. Specifically we review the current processes and get a “feel” the business’s culture.  We then make recommendations and, if so engaged, help modify the business processes and workflows to ensure policy and FAA compliance while ensuring efficiency and a great customer experience with your business.

Also, if non-trivial customizations are desired to the system, this consulting engagement would define the exact requirements and modifications that are needed.  These modifications are quoted on a ‘day rate’ basis and in most cases only last a few days with possible follow-up in the week or months after the initial engagement.

Curriculum Consulting

MyFlightTrain® supports Part 142 (Line Oriented Training), Part 141 and Part 61 courses.  Our team can also help you with FAA FSDO approvals for your course and operations.   We also have consulting services that help your instructors get the most out of courses by training them (or your Chief Instructor(s)) on the intent of each lesson, maneuvers and ground training that should be done with the course.  We can also consult on new curriculums that you are creating to help ensure efficiency, compliance, and completeness for FAA approval (if needed).

MyFlight Features

  • Simple and Robust Scheduling
  • Full Audits and Reporting
  • Paperless Curriculum Management
  • Structured Billing System
  • Completely Customizable
  • Staff Management