For the Management Team

Billing, Payments, Staff Labor, Inventory

  • Automatic integration with training flights and ground sessions to ensure proper billing
  • Auto-Billing to account, lab, cash or credit card on check-in or grading
  • Optional:  VA Billing Engine Option


Full Invoicing and Payment Support

  • Cash, Check and Credit Card
  • 3rd Party Payment Support
  • Supports college payment systems
  • Invoice Status and Reporting
  • VA Billing Engine with Compliance Checks
  • VA Electronic Signature Support (no more printing invoices)


Custom Billing & Payment Support

  • Organization (3rd Party) billing
  • Multiple Payment Accounts for a user (Cash, Credit Card, Pre-Pay, Labs, Company, etc.)
  • Contracts support for items and training charges
  • College Lab Fee Integration


Other Key Features

  • Inventory Management, Purchasing
  • Payroll Support & Tracking
  • Aircraft Lease Support (Wet, Dry, etc.)


Accounting System Support

  • Export accounting & payroll related data


Robust Reporting System

  • Sales and Payment Reconciliation
  • Lesson, Aircraft and Instructor Tracking
  • Customized Reports are available
  • Drill Down & Ad-Hoc Reporting via Advanced Reporting Option


Maintenance Tracking

  • Full maintenance compliance for aircraft tracked with proactive notification to staff
  • Hourly, Date Based, AD and special maintenance is supported
  • Full Squawk system and notifications
  • Progressive Maintenance Support
  • MEL Support (Pro/Pro+ Package)


MyFlightMXShop® Module (optional)

  • Supports work estimates, work orders, inventory, invoicing and log book sticker printing.

flight school management system

Key Features:

  • Scheduling for aircraft with flexible pre/post flight time allocated only to the student and instructor (more aircraft use)
  • Weekly and Daily Schedules supported with location and tag filters
  • Multi-Location Support for billing and scheduling
  • College Lab Fee support with lesson allocation to multi-lab courses.
  • Pre & Post Pay support for organizational billing of flights and/or student fees
  • “Master Flight Log” technology that ensures the billed time and lesson time match for VA and FAA student audits
  • VA Billing engine (optional feature) ensures VA billing rules are enforced
  • Airplane, Rotorcraft and Simulators are supported with full maintenance tracking
  • Full Reporting system for accounting, flight instructors and back-office needs
  • Leaseback reporting and expense tracking via the Aircraft Management Module

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