For Students & Instructors

Workflow designed for instructors, students and the office staff!

Advanced scheduling system allows the students, instructors, and renter pilots to search for times to fly based on aircraft attributes (type, avionics, tail #, etc) with the user’s profile specified availability times. Recurring scheduling is also supported.


Key Scheduling Features:

  • Mission Types (Training, Crew, Ferry, etc.)
  • Multiple Views Supported
  • Calendar support for your favorite device
  • View Instructor and Aircraft availability
  • View staff scheduling (front desk, line staff, loaders, MX shop personal, etc.)
  • Schedule by Type & Avionics (vs Tail #)
  • Visitor Reservations with contact information
  • Search for Reservation slots and/or bookings


Auto-Scheduling Features:

  • Full – HAND OFF – Scheduling by Priority and Aircraft Maintenance Status
  • Reservation Requests with Prioritization
  • Instructor Bid System for Reservation Requests

Paperless Curriculum Management

  • Paperless and Mobile Part 141 and Part 61 Support
  • Paperless Part 142 (Line Oriented Training) Support


Paperless Enrollment Module

  • Supports US and International Students
  • User customized enrollment templates
  • Custom and standard data fields
  • Custom and standard file upload fields


Paperless Course & Class Administration

  • Fully customizable course content (syllabus content, add documents, etc.)
  • Each maneuver is tracked in a lesson
  • Customizable Grading Domains
  • Class support for semesters, labs, etc.
  • Lecture classes and attendance tracking


For the Chief Instructor

  • Single view of the entire flight school student status with alerts and stoplight status
  • Notification and assignment of stage checks
  • Notification of abnormal events (3x repeat lesson, lab times not to target, etc)
  • FAA Audit support for Part 141 and Part 61 as well as Part 142 Training
  • VA Audit support for courses and billing


flight school management system

Key Features:

  • Scheduling for aircraft with flexible pre/post flight time allocated only to the student and instructor (more aircraft use)
  • Weekly and Daily Schedules supported with location and tag filters
  • Multi-Location Support for billing and scheduling but with integrated reporting for business management
  • College Lab Fee support with lesson allocation to multi-lab courses.
  • Pre & Post Pay support for organizational billing of flights and/or student fees
  • “Master Flight Log” technology that ensures the billed time and lesson time match for VA and FAA student audits
  • VA Billing engine (optional feature) ensures VA billing rules are enforced
  • Airplane, Rotorcraft and Simulators are supported with full maintenance tracking
  • Full Reporting system for accounting, flight instructors and back-office needs
  • Leaseback reporting and expense tracking via the Aircraft Management Module

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