Streamlined payment solutions for the aviation industry

Flexible B2B Payment Solutions

MyFlightPayments™ are flexible payment solutions tailored for aviation.

You control the payment type that works best for you, your customer, and your supplier.


  • Improve your cash-flow

  • Get paid earlier

  • Reconcile expenses sooner

  • Cut your AR aging

  • Reduce paperwork

Direct Supplier Payments

Direct Supplier Payments with the flexibility of payment options:

  • Electronic single-use credit card
  • ACH payment
  • eCheck processing
  • Standard credit card

Merchant Services

  • Secure, PCI-compliant, scalable and cost-effective payment processing
  • Process all major credit cards, debit cards, commercial cards and bank transfers
  • Integrated with most major fuel suppliers
  • For more, visit EVO Merchant Services

Virtual Payments

Virtual payments enable you to efficiently pay your suppliers, vendors, and FBOs by providing them with a single-use, electronic MasterCard® that can be limited to the exact amount owed. 

  • Streamline your billing
  • Get paid sooner
  • Real-time level 3 data
  • Seamless communication between dispatch and FBOs

MyCopilot Mobile App

MyCopilot™ is an all-in-one payment solution tailored for the aviation industry. It offers easy mobile payments for all FBO services, aircraft fuel and all other travel related expenses.

Consolidated and manage expenses for pilots and aviation operators, plus:

  • Customized controls
  • Streamline billing
  • Real-time transactions
  • Receipt capture
  • Simultaneous reconciliation

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