Allows aircraft mechanics to get their job done faster while ensuring compliance


MyFlightMXShop is a system to operate and manage maintenance shops.  It is a fully functional product for maintenance shops. The system was designed for piston and turbine aircraft including rotorcraft.

The system supports Part 60 Certified simulator maintenance as well as daily checks for Charter Maintenance release tasks for fixed wing and rotorcraft.

Estimates, Work Orders and Authorization Workflow:

The system supports creation of Estimates, Work Orders and has the work flow for owner approvals and staff approvals on large expenses or expenditures. The work order is broken down into tasks with parts and labor tracked with each task. Work order tasks can have in-house and overhauled/external expenses and receipts attached. Shipping is also tracked at a task and part level.

Templates are used for recurring maintenance on the same or similar aircraft saving time and ensure quality work.

Inventory and Purchasing

The system supports parts inventory and a purchasing module with manager oversight for large (expensive) item purchases. All items flow into the invoice from the tasks and work orders to support seamless billing.

Core overhaul tracking as well as the standard 337 and 8130 forms are also supported.

Log Book Stickers

The system can print log book stickers in various sizes with a customizable header and footer for your firms various data (address, FAA Repair Authority #’s, etc.).   These can be consolidated or driven from the detailed task level.

Invoicing and Billing

The work orders then create an invoice for billing at the summary level with the work order having the detailed parts and labor by task. The billing system allows for credit card and immediate payment as wells as partial prepay (for large parts) and post-pay for organizations. Discount schedules are also supported.  The system ensure they won't leave before the billing is complete.

For A & P Mechanics

MXShop is made for the line mechanic to be productive and fit naturally into their day-to-day workload.  It allows multiple mechanics to work on various tasks for the same work order.   It is fully compliant with FAA Part 145 documentation needs and has various workflow advantages when working with recurring maintenance on the same or similar aircraft.

It support work orders, tasks, parts, 337, 8130 and other such documentation needs.

Key Features:

  • Simple Work Order Entry
  • Simple Task Parts & Labor Tracking
  • Photo Support for documenting pre/post repair work
  • Outside Services and Overhaul Tracking
  • Complete Labor Tracking
  • Mobile Access for productivity increases

 The stated goal is gain up to 15% work time back from the burden busy time doing paperwork.

For the Management Team

MXShop enables full management of a maintenance shop.   You can monitor, organize, track and ensure compliance for Part 91 and Part 145 maintenance operations.    Advanced reporting allows drilling into parts usage, work force management as well as cost and profitability analysis.

ENSURE productivity increase with MyFlightMXShop’s streamlined workflow, mobile support and paperless compliance for easier documentation or work and FAA audits.

With Integrated BILLING – no longer will the plane leave the shop without the billing being done first.  It is just a few clicks to bill a closed work order and ensure payment is made for the work.

The parts tracking and PO approval module will help ensure the management of cash flow and inventory management.

Key Features:

  • View In Progress Work and scheduled work statuses
  • Integrated Billing with MyFlightSolutions
  • PO Approvals based on role and/or Dollar Limits
  • Scheduling Support for scheduled maintenance
  • Mobile support for anywhere access
  • Management Dashboards

Packages and Feature Listing

MyFlightMXshop comes in three primary packages:

MXShop – Part 91: Maintenance for piston and light turbine maintenance shops

MXShop – Part 145: Adds FAA complient parts batch tracking to work orders with tasks as well as standard forms.

MXShop – Part 60: Made for simulator maintenance for procedure and full motion simulators

Optional Modules:

MyFlightRecords – fully certified “paperless” aircraft logbooks. This is an integration of MyFlightMXShop with AirVault, which is used by about 50% of US airlines for their paperless logbooks. This option is charged on a Tail# per month basis.

Basic Part 91 Functions:

  • 100% Paperless – FAA compliant tracking for Part 145 and Part 60 Maintenance Documentation
  • Work Order Management with full customer tracking
  • Integrated Billing System
  • Multiple Task Management within work orders
  • Automated Work Order creating when used with MyFlightTrain or MyFlight135
  • Automated Pick Lists for template work orders
  • Parts Management with full lineage tracking
  • Purchase Orders and Receiving
  • Core Overhaul Tracking
  • Log Book stickers

Part 145 Additional Functions:

This option maintains the higher level of compliance needed for parts, tools and sub-contractor tracking required by Part 145 repair stations.   It also support the full “inspection” workflow at the task and/or work order level.

Part 60 Option:

This option support the daily simulator checks as well as other schedule maintenance schedules needed to maintain certified simulators.


  • Integration with MyFlightRecords – paperless aircraft log books for aircraft powered by AirVault’s world class logbook and maintenance document management system.

Sample Screens

Price Package

MyFlightMXShop has two pricing models that can be mixed depending on the business model of the shop.

MXShop – Tail Number Pricing

MXShop – Business Pricing (Aligns pricing to the business model of the client)

MXShop Part 145 Module – adds full compliance for Part 145 Repair stations

MyFlightRecords can be added for full FAA and worldwide electronic log books for aircraft with audit, search and research capabilities.   It has features to print logbooks for aircraft sales.

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