Allows aircraft mechanics to get their job done faster while ensuring compliance

A comprehensive web-based aircraft maintenance application built for today’s Part 91 maintenance and Part 145 repair stations.  It has a robust inventory tracking system coupled with a fully automated compliance engine which will:


  • Improve Mechanic Productivity up to 15%

  • Increase Billable Hours & Revenue

  • Reduce Costs and Paperwork

  • Cut Audit Time in Half

Key Features


  • Seamless Work Order to Invoicing
  • Parts Tracking and Inventory Management
  • Automated Compliance Engine
  • Paperless FAA Compliance Support for Part 91 and 145
  • Part 60 Certified Simulator Maintenance
  • Daily Checks for Charter Maintenance Release
  • Management and Shop Dashboards

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MyFlightMxShop™ was designed to eliminate paperwork.

MyFlightSolutions™ goes beyond the typical aircraft maintenance and inventory management system. This groundbreaking aircraft maintenance service system delivers essential intelligence tools through robust reporting features, thus providing powerful insights and control over your operations.

Inventory and Purchasing

MyFlightMxShop™ supports parts inventory and a purchasing module with manager oversight for large purchases. All items flow into the invoice from tasks and work orders to ensure seamless billing.

Log Book Stickers

Our aircraft maintenance app can print any standard sized log book sticker with a customizable header and footer. These can be consolidated or driven from the detailed task level.

Invoicing and Billing

All work orders can create an invoice for billing of detailed parts and labor tasks.  The billing system supports all forms of payment types including partial, pre-payment and post-pay for organizations.  Discount schedules can also be set-up and the system will always check for payment before work and billing is complete.

For A & P Mechanics

MyFlightMxShop™ was built for the line mechanic and fits naturally into their day-to-day workload.  It is designed to ensure a more efficient and productive shop.  The aircraft mechanic app allows multiple mechanics to work on various tasks for the same work order.  It is fully compliant with FAA Part 145 documentation requirements; including work orders, tasks, parts, 337, 8130 and other documentation needs.

Estimates, Work Orders, and Authorization Workflow

MyFlightMxShop™ is a robust aircraft maintenance service application which delivers efficient creation of Estimates and Work Orders.  Workflow is simplified for users, providing both aircraft owner and staff approvals for large expenditures.  Templates are used for recurring maintenance, saving time and ensuring quality work. Work orders can be broken down into:

  • Tasks
  • Parts and labor tracking
  • In-house expenses
  • External charges

Other Features:


  • Powerful Workflow
  • Completely Paperless
  • Simple Work Order Entry
  • Easy Task, Parts, and Labor Tracking
  • Photo Support for Documenting Repair Work
  • Outside Services and Overhaul Tracking
  • Comprehensive Labor Tracking
  • Web-based and Mobile Ready

For the Management Team

MyFlightMxShop™ is a complete management tool for any maintenance shop. The feature-rich aircraft maintenance service application, allows shop managers to monitor, organize, track, and ensure compliance for Part 91 and Part 145 maintenance operations.  Advanced reporting allows drilling into parts usage, work force management, as well as cost and profitability analysis.