Packages and Features

There is one base package for MyFlightFBO that is full featured for FBO operations.

The options “Fuel Card” module support many private fuel card networks and virtual payment options.


  • Optional Self Check-in for Pilots and Crew
  • Management Dashboards and Status Screens
  • Mobile Device Support for line service and office users
  • Configurable Dispatch Queues for services (By Type, By Resource, By Aircraft, etc.)
  • Configurable Task Definitions (Fuel, O2 Service, Baggage, Aircraft Re-Positon, etc.)
  • Fuel Farm and Fuel Truck Management
  • Crew Car Scheduling & Courtesy Car Assignments
  • Rental Car Management
  • Hotel Room Management
  • Hangar Space Management
  • Integrated Billing with support for contracts, discount schedules, pre and post pay
  • Integrated with MyFlightMXShop, MyFlight135 and MyFlightTrain

Task Management:

  • Define Tasks provided by your operation (Fuel, O2 Service, Lav Service, etc.)
  • Configurable Dispatch Queues
    • By Priority of Customer
    • Time to Dispatch
    • Time since Request (Wait time)
  • Prioritized tasks and aircraft
  • Know which Line Person – who working those tasks
  • Know what tasks are not yet assigned or in-progress

Resource Management:

  • Define Resources and Roles
  • Define & Approve Certified Tasks by Person (O2, De-Ice, etc.)
  • View staff by tasks assigned
  • Schedule staff by task queue(s)
  • Training Tracking
  • Supervisor and Management Dashboards
  • Overrides and Re-Prioritzation Options
  • Time & Payroll Tracking
  • Recurring Invoicing for Hangars and Management Fees