For the Management Team

MyFlightFBO allows the managers to track and see activities, get notified on over-due activities and alerts to possible customer service issues.

There are features for Fuel Farm Management as well as taking electronic fuel transactions from fuel trucks.

There is a robust reporting system with graphic drill down dashboards.

Customer Mangement:

  • Who they are and how to contact them
  • Payment, Reservation and Contact preferences
  • What organization(s) they have relationships with and …
  • How they pay and/or what they can charge to an organization
  • Optional CRM Support (, etc.)

Activity Tracking:

  • What is scheduled
  • What is in progress
  • What is behind schedule
  • Key & VIP Customer Activity Status
  • What is complete
  • What is billed

Billing & Contracts:

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Organization Relationships to customer
  • Contract Support for Organizations
  • Standard Discounts Schedules

Optional Fuel Card Support:

  • Works with many Private Label Fuel Card Programs
  • Tracks & Manages Tax Tracking for flight types
  • Tracks & Manages City/State/etc Excise and other Taxes

Configurable Dashboard for a graphical view of the operations.   A sample is shown below.


Example Dashboard of FBO Actvities