For the Front Desk & Line Staff

MyFlightFBO was made to the be easiest to use system for busy front desk and line staff.   The system is designed to work like they work.  When used with mobile devices, the system fully replaces Radios.  It works for small FBO and the largest with it’s advanced task management and dispatch queues. Not all FBOs or customers are created equal, so the priorities are adjustable to ensure the customer requests are handled in the right order.

For front desk staff:

  • Easy reservations (Quick-turn, overnight, etc.)
  • Complete Tracking of Tasks and Special Requests
  • Guided workflow for Check-in, close-out and billing.
  • Full status tracking activities by aircraft or task type
  • Crew, Courtesy & Rental Car Management
  • Hangar Space Reservations and Management
  • Hotel Room Allocation

For line staff: (replace the white board !!)

  • Prioritized Task queues
  • Mobile Access to accept & complete tasks
  • Log activities with quantities, notes, etc.
  • Check scheduled events and tasks
  • Message various members of the team
  • Data flow right into the invoicing system

Optional Customer Access:

  • Self-Checkin Screens (browser or mobile device)
    • No waiting in line to get that fuel request submitted
  • All Aircraft, Pilot and Passenger Requests
  • Self billing and payment options