A complete system for Fixed-Base Operators

MyFlightFBO – for FBOs providing mixed services

Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) play an important role in the aviation industry. Given the challenging and diverse nature of their work, however, it can sometimes be difficult for FBOs to stay on top of their business. In between fueling aircraft, providing concierge services, and handling a wide range of other responsibilities, it is important to keep track of the numbers.

Now, you can manage your operations better with our MyFlightFBO system, a product designed to manage FBOs in the easiest, most efficient way possible. It provides not only fuel sales tracking, but hangar fees, O2 services, maintenance and/or flight training as well. What more could you need?

The product is a sub-set of the MyFlightTrain and MyFlight135 functionality tailored to FBOs with mixed services. While fuel sales are the most common service supported by this system, it also includes functions for recurring hangar fees, O2 services, and more. Your company will benefit greatly from the robust, highly flexible features that the MyFlightFBO system comes with.

Flexible Billing:

The robust billing system allows organization billing, credit card and pre and post pay as. It also supports various contracts with discounts for invoiced items.

Service Flexibility:

For FBOs providing Charter Services, that functionality can be added via our MyFlight135 module. As for flight training, the MyFlightTrain modules can be turned on.

Dispatch Queues Flexibility:

One or more dispatch queues can be setup and worked by various line and service personal for aircraft and passenger requests.

Concierge Service Flexibility:

Requests for rental cars, catering, hotel, flowers and other such services can be managed via the concierge module. This can be for ad-hoc requests or managing a fleet of cars and hotel rooms.

If you run a mixed service FBO, contact us today to learn more about the MyFlightFBO product. We would be happy to answer your questions and arrange for a demonstration.

MyFlightFBO was made to the be easiest to use system for busy front desk and line staff.   The system is designed to work like they work.   For front desk staff, easy reservations, check-in, activity tracking and billing.

For line staff there are dispatch queues prioritized by parameters set to ensure satisfied customers.  Not all FBOs are created equal, so the priorities are adjustable to ensure the customer requests are handled in the right order.

Self check-in by pilots and crew is supported as well as self billing and payment if those features options are turned on.

MyFlightFBO allows the managers to track and see activities, get notified on over-due activities and alerts to possible customer service issues.

There are features for Fuel Farm management as well as taking electronic fuel transactions from fuel trucks.

There is a robust reporting system with graphic drill down dashboards.

There is one package for FBOs that is full featured.


  • Self Check-in for Pilots and Crew
  • Dispatch Queues for services configurable by the client
  • Integrated Billing with support for contracts, discount schedules, pre and post pay
  • Integrated with MyFlightMXShop, MyFlight135 and MyFlightTrain
Under construction – coming soon

MyFlightFBO is priced based on the volume of business at the client.   This aligns the software costs with the business’s revenue and profits.

Please call for specifics on the pricing for the FBO product.

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The most comprehensive and efficient FBO management system in the industry.

Achieve more efficient operations with MyFlightFBO™ a product designed to manage FBOs in the easiest, most efficient way possible.


  • Cut Costs with improved workflow and operations

  • Increase Productivity with better visibility

  • Increase Revenue and never miss a billing

  • Save Time with integrated accounting


  • Simple yet advanced Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Complete Workflow Solution for any size FBO
  • Fully Integrated Billing and Accounting
  • Integrated to MyFlightMxShop™ and MyFlightCharter
  • Complete Accounting System by MyFlightAccounting
  • Truly Web Based
  • Mobile Ready

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Better FBO Management

MyFlightFBO™ was designed to manage FBOs in the easiest, most efficient way possible. Our innovative, web-based FBO management system provides point-of-sale (POS), FBO payments, fuel sales tracking, hangar fees, O2 services, maintenance, concierge, charter, flight training services (and more); all fully integrated and built on the same platform.

Integrated & Web Based

The FBO management applications are fully integrated to the MyFlightSolutions™ suite of products, all built on the newest technology, providing robust, mobile ready, highly flexible features

Mixed Services

Managing an FBO is challenging and can be difficult to stay on-top of your business. Between fueling aircraft, providing concierge services, and handling a wide range of other responsibilities, it is important to keep track of the numbers. Our integrated airport management software provides features tailored to FBOs with mixed services.

Key Features


Simple user-friendly screens and icons for a more efficient work process.  Desktop and mobile experience is interchangeable to your task and needs.

Integrated Point-of-Sale (POS)

Eliminate double entry and improve the workflow of your FBO staff.  Integrated POS supports all major bank and fuel cards and is PCI compliant.


Fully integrated accounting system with MyFlightAccounting™  Data sharing and automatic data flow eliminates double entry or exports to external systems.  QuickBooks® export ready if needed.

Flexible Billing

MyFlightFBO™ billing allows organization billing, credit card, and pre- and post-pay options. Our FBO billing system includes:

  • Automated contract management
  • Recurring and custom billing
  • Discount and multiple tax support
  • Virtual payment processing for fast reimbursement

Shared Services

The FBO management system shares data between all our modules. For FBOs providing Charter or Training services, these features can be turned-on to streamline your workflow which adds value to your customer.

Compliance Management

Built-in compliance engine will ensure all line personnel are trained and current for regulated tasks such as O2, fuel CRJ900, 737, etc.  Be confident that all your staff have their recurrent training and steps to ensure success for tasks.

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