A complete system for operators of charter flights

MyFlightCharter™ is a robust flight scheduling, quoting and billing software for Part 135 and Part 91K flight operators. The system is fully integrated to your FBO and Maintenance Operations, using the MyFlightSolutions suite.

The entire flight scheduling system is functional on standard browsers and mobile devices to ensure real-time access anytime, anywhere.


  • Never miss a billing
  • Gain more business
  • Increase your revenue
  • Cut your audit time in half


Primary Features:

  • Quick and easy customer quoting
  • Flexible crew scheduling
  • Guided workflow
  • Manage passenger lists and all concierge services
  • Monitor aircraft performance, flight route, dead leg optimization, etc.
  • Supports use of leased or owner aircraft with flight crews
  • Comprehensive FAA compliance checks
  • Proactive and predictive availability and training requirements
  • Automatic and recurring invoicing
  • Complete expense support; for travel, catering, etc.
  • Robust reporting for both crew time and billing
  • Flexible billing features supports both pre-or post-payment processes
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Mobile ready for crew, ground, and maintenance users

For Pilots and Operations Staff

MyFlightCharter™ workflow is tailored for both the operational staff and for pilots. The system helps manage all phases of charter and private jet flights.

While supporting reservations and passenger bookings, it also tracks:

  • Aircraft used
  • Available aircraft
  • Maintenance status
  • Crew authorized to fly an aircraft
  • Aircraft and crew FAA compliance

The flight scheduling program helps schedule recurring training, ensure bookings are met with the proper sized aircraft and ensure efficient usage of crew resources.

Our fully integrated billing system supports organizations, contracts, discounts as well as split billing scenarios – everything you need to ensure a smooth operation.

Packages and Feature Listing

MyFlightCharter™ comes in two basic packages that support Part 135 charter operations and Part 91 private flight operations.


  • Integrated Workflow Dashboard
  • Flexible Quoting
  • Reservation System
  • Aircraft Allocation System (smart assignment aircraft to reservations)
  • Crew Allocation System (smart assignment crews to flights)
  • FAA and TSA Compliance engine for both Aircraft and Crew compliance
  • Integrated Billing and Accounting
  • Robust Reporting and Graphical drill down Dashboards