A complete system for operators of charter flights


This product is designed to manage charter operations primarily for Part 135 and Part 91K operators. The product also has an optional module for FBO operations.

The “mission type” functionality in MyFlight135 will allow for flexible billing and scheduling. DUAL crew and SINGLE crew as well as owner aircraft crew scheduling for Part 91k operations vs provided Part 135 crews.

The system was designed to be a complete “front side” product with scheduling, dispatch, check-in, billing and Part 135 compliance for crew and aircraft.

Expenses can be added to a flight and/or for the crew during and after the flights, before or after invoicing (ie. 2nd invoice for the same charter flight).

Primary Features:

  1. Crew Scheduling (Fixed Rate or Hourly Billing, By the mile, etc.)
  2. Passenger Lists and Concierge Services
  3. Aircraft Performance, Route of Flight, Dead Leg Optimization, etc.
  4. Supports use of Operated/Leased Aircraft or Owner Planes with Flight Crews
  5. Automatic Invoicing and Recurring Invoicing
  6. Full Expense Support (Travel, Catering, etc.)
  7. Reporting for both crew time and billing reporting
  8. Billing Support for pre and post pay to individuals or business organizations
  9. MOBILE SUPPORT – for Crew, Ground and maintenance users

The system has full compliance built into the product and can be configured to your Part 135 ticket specific operational rules.

The reporting system support both standard row/column reporting as well as advanced graphical drill-down dashboards for management.

Mobile devices can check schedules, dispatch, log flights and request services. All common functions needed by flight crew, support personal and maintenance are supported on the mobile products.

For Pilots & Operations Staff

MyFlight135 workflow is tailored to the operational staff and pilots.  The system helps manage all phases of charter and private jet flights.   While supporting reservations and passenger bookings, it also tracks:

  1.  Which aircraft can be used (ie. are available and in good Maintenance status)
  2.  What crews can fly that aircraft
  3. Will both the aircraft and crew will be in “FAA Compliance” at the time of the flight

It helps schedule recurring training, ensure bookings are met with the proper sized aircraft and ensure good usage of crew resources for various flight scenarios.

Most functionality is available on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as standard browsers so access is available anywhere, anytime.

Oh, yes, it has an integrated billing system that support organizations, contracts, discounts as well as split billing scenarios.   Everything you need to ensure a smooth operation.

For the Management Team

MyFlight135 maintains all state and status of current and future operations while also having a robust graphical reporting and predictive analysis system.  Most of the functionality is available on Mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

A user can easily check the state of reservations, scheduled flights and crew, the compliance status of aircraft and crew as well as predict problems with all of the above.

The system has an integrated Reservation System, Aircraft Scheduling, Crew Scheduling and Billing system.   The dispatch system is also integrated to ensure crew and aircraft compliance with all FAA rules for Part 135 or Part 91.k charter and private flights.

Packages and Feature Listing

MyFlight135 comes in two basic packages that support Part 135 charter operations and 91.k private flight operations.


  • Integrated workflow dashboard
  • Reservation System (Passengers and their special requests)
  • Aircraft Allocation System (Smart assignment aircraft to reservations)
  • Crew Allocation System (Smart assignment crews to flights)
  • FAA and TSA Compliance engine for both Aircraft and Crew compliance
  • Integrated Billing
  • Robust reporting and graphical drill down dashboards

Sample Screens

(coming soon)

Price Package

MyFlight135 pricing is aligned to the value provided by the software to the client.  It is made up of two primary components.

Per Tail Number monthly Fee

Activity Fees

The costs are aligned to the business model of the client.


Dispatch Compliance for all of the following:

The flexible compliance engine allows you to setup the data you want and need tracked to be in compliance with all FAA, TSA, Certificate and internal policy rules.   This is checked at every dispatch and monitored and notified when items are coming up for renewal.

  •    CREW – Pilot (and optional co-pilot) currency by Aircraft Type & Avionics
  •    CREW PIC – ensure PIC Currency
  •    CREW SIC – ensure SIC Currency
  •    CHECK PILOT – ensure currency
  •    Instructor  – Ensure Currency
  •    Aircraft Maintenance Currency
  •    Flight Attendant Currency

Predictive Compliance:

Not only does the system track duty day with current and look-back calculations, but it predicts who and/or when crew can be used based on their current scheduled activities and currency with compliance.

1.  Who can be schedule based on currency at the time of the flight in the future and possible duty day restrictions.

2.  What recurrent training is needed to ensure enough crews are available for a flight schedule 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc in the future

1.  Bid System Support  for pilot and crew seniority with other influencing factors (vacation, etc).



  • Charter Estimates
  • Charter Reservations
  • CREW Scheduling (Part 135 and 91.k)
  • Concierge Services (outbound and destination)
  • Flight Ground Service Scheduling
  • Training Scheduling
  • Flight Scheduling Optimization and Dead Leg Optimization
  • Fuel Optimization coming soon

Advanced Billing:

  • Split Billing for Passengers same flight
  • Individual and Organizational Billing
  • Pre/Post and Immediate Billing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Statements and Reporting


Aircraft Maintenance Tracking:

  • Airplane and Rotorcraft standard, progressive, phase schedule
  • MEL support with squawk system
  • AD, Special Inspection and service bulletin support.
  • Integrated Squawk system and with MyFlightMXShop full automatic work order and log book support.


Advanced Graphical Dashboards:

  • Monitor your business by exception with Operational dashboards
  • Monitor and predict performance (operationally and financial) with predictive dashboards.
  • Dashboard available on mobile platforms.

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