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Our software makes it easy to manage charter operations, FBOs, flight schools, and maintenance shops. Drop the paper and spreadsheets and let us optimize your data and your business with MyFlightSolutions.

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Our customers have seen these benefits:


Improvement in Resource Utilization


Increase in Revenue Growth


Reduction in Audit Time

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A completely Integrated solution for general aviation companies

Sophisticated Aviation Management Systems

Aviation Management Made Easy

Flying Software Labs develops the best aviation management software in the industry. We serve the needs of flight schools, charters, and maintenance shops of all sizes.

As professionals with many years of combined experience in the field, we created the MyFlight series to meet the ever-changing needs of the aviation industry. Every product is built using the latest technology, and we implement a complete range of features that customers are sure to appreciate.

Complete Features and Immense Flexibility

Our products come with a complete suite of features. From scheduling to billing, everything you need to run your business is included in our software’s various functions.

Furthermore, the solutions we produce is easily scalable; whether you run a small, local operation or a national chain of flight schools, our aviation management software can make a significant improvement in your bottom line. Gain an edge over the competition with new technology.

Choose the Leading Choice for Aviation Management Software

Flying Software Labs looks forward to helping your business with its management needs. Browse through our website to learn more about our products, or get in touch with us for personalized assistance. Our team is always ready to help.

Easy to Learn Interface

We design our systems to be completely intuitive. A user-friendly interface means that even non-tech savvy personnel can pick up the system immediately, and start using it to its full potential.

Our team understands that major changes like these can be disruptive. However, implementing the MyFlight aviation management software into your business operations can be done quickly and seamlessly with our guidance. There will be no adverse effects on scheduled work during implementation.

If you ever find yourself stuck, however, our team would be glad to help. You can request an in-depth demonstration of the various features and their uses, or simply ask us whenever you have a question. User satisfaction is always our highest priority.

A Few Words From Our Customers

“The MyFlightSolutions software has allowed us to grow our flight school and charter operations without increasing our staff.  We save time on paperwork which has helped us be more efficient and save money.”

— Regional Flight School, Indiana

“Adding MyFlightSolutions to our operation has helped us reduce the time we spend dealing with compliance paperwork and audits.  This allowed us to concentrate and grow our business by 20%.” 

— FBO Owner, Colorado

“Integrated scheduling, compliance and aircraft maintenance allows us to maximize our flying hours without increasing our fleet size; saving us a lot of capital and leaseback costs.”

— General Aviation Chain, Florida

Fixed-base Operators


Now, you can manage your operations better with our MyFlightFBO system, a product designed to manage FBOs in the easiest, most efficient way possible. It provides not only fuel sales tracking, but hangar fees, O2 services, maintenance and/or flight training as well. What more could you need?

This product is another integrated module of the MyFlightSolutions product suite with functionality tailored to FBOs with mixed services. While fuel sales are the most common service supported by this system, it also includes functions for recurring hangar fees, O2 services, and more. Your company will benefit greatly from the robust, highly flexible features that the MyFlightFBO system comes with.

Charter Flights


An operational system for operators of charter flights based on Part135 (and Fractional Ownership (91k) business operators.

Scheduling, Billing, Expenses as well a FBO functions are supported.

Various flight scenarios are supported such as : CREW, Reposition, Pilot Currency, Pilot Training, etc.

The system handles the compliance checks as well as proactive and predictive availability and training requirements for Check Pilots, PIC and SIC positions by “type” of Aircraft. All rules are configurable to the FAA Part 135 certification for each business. Maintenance tracking is also handled.



Provides a COMPLETE flight management system for maintenance shops.

MXShop has work order for internal and external owners,work orders, tasks, external overhaul work, photo documentation as well as log book sticker support.

MXShop has integrated billing and staff labor tracking.

The Inventory system has locations and serial numbers with a Purchasing module with both POs and approval workflow.

MXShop also supports FAA authorized non-motion and full motion simulator maintenance with daily checks, monthly checks and session checks.

Flight Training


The COMPLETE flight school management system with scheduling, advanced billing, FAA compliant paperless lesson tracking, Aircraft Leaseback Management and Maintenance tracking with full standard and advanced reporting.

The college billing option handles VA and college lab billing while supporting contract rates, discounts with full audit support for billing tied to lessons and flights.

Support Paperless Part 141, Part 142 and Part 61 lesson grading with courses. Remote FAA and TSA audit dashboard is available for use by regulators.

Integrated Staff labor tracking is available as an option.
You won’t need spreadsheets!


Paperless System Option

The MyFlightSolutions suite is paperless – Flight Time, Lesson Grades, Invoices and other standard forms can all be viewed and sent electronically.



MyFlightSolutions suite handles operations for crew, pilot, instructor, and aircraft maintenance as well as business policy compliance.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Full scheduling and dispatch of aircraft, simulators, pilots and instructors.

Billing and Invoicing

Full customized and Veterans Administration compliance billing

Training Tracking and Lesson Grading

Paperless 141 or Part 61 lesson grading with course and class support

iPad Application

Inside the plane or on the ground have access to MyFlight product features.


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