The all-in-one payment solution

About MyCopilot powered by WEX®

The MyCopilot mobile app is the all-in-one payment solution for aviation businesses.

Tailored to pilots and operators in the aviation industry, our mobile payment app helps flight departments:

  • Control Costs

  • Bill Clients Sooner

  • Reduce Paperwork

  • Improve FBO Relations

A Better Payment Solution

MyCopilot, powered by WEX®, can be used for aircraft fuel, FBO services, and other travel-related expenses including hotels, commercial airfare, transportation, and any flight department expense where MasterCard® is accepted.

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App Features

Access a secure, single-use MasterCard®

Email or Fax merchant payments from your phone

Push fuel releases and reservation information directly to pilots

Snap receipt technology eliminates the need to keep receipts

Capture and share transaction information in real-time

Customized controls allow easy adoption to varied operation types

Reconcile Expenses Quickly

The ability to reconcile trip expenses AUTOMATICALLY and SOONER is revolutionary for aviation businesses.


Technology pioneered by WEX virtual payments now transforms the payment options for aviation businesses and allows better control of their processes.

MyCopilot™ allows an automated receipt tracking process, eliminating the need to manually track burdensome copies of receipts for approved expenses.

Pilots can eliminate multiple fuel credit cards and let the app take care of all their aviation fuel payments and all-other travel related expenses.

Added Benefits of Virtual Payments:
  • Seamless integration
  • Reduced fraud and credit card misuse
  • Advanced automated reconciliation
  • 22 global currencies accepted

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WEX® Virtual Payments Solution for the Aviation Industry

Flexible B2B Payment Solution

WEX® and MyFlightSolutions™ partnered to create a flexible B2B payment solution for the aviation industry. Virtual cards enable operators, airlines, maintenance shops, FBOs and owners to streamline payments and increase efficiency. Our virtual payment solution helps reduce costs and improve productivity, leading to bottom-line savings.


What are virtual payments?

Virtual payments enable you to efficiently pay your suppliers, vendors, and FBO’s by providing them with a single-use, electronic payment card that can be limited to the exact amount owed.


Why WEX Virtual Payments?

WEX® virtual payments application offers groundbreaking technology and optimal flexibility for pilots and aviation industry professionals, such as FBOs, fuel distributors, and more.

The MyCopilot™ app allows users to:

  • Implement easily without additional software or hardware
  • Get high-quality data and insightful reports
  • Set trip or transaction-specific controls
  • Reduce fraud and misuse of credit cards
  • Access accounts anytime, anywhere on mobile devices

The app features flexible interface capabilities, enabling aviation operations to effortlessly integrate the solution into current scheduling, fuel order and more.