Analytical Dashboards & Reporting

Analytical Dashboards & Reporting

A key motivation in creating the analytical dashboard option was to allow business to make decisions based on data, trends and metrics, a key advantage in growth and well run businesses.  The team at MyFlightSolutions has a deep background in data analytics, database systems and so called “big data” systems and has brought that knowledge into MyFlightSolutions suite.   Note that while a standard reporting system is available with the base system, businesses with growth goals and optimizing their operational excellence choose to add the Analytical Dashboard option to their MyFlightSolutions system.

The Analytical Dashboards are more than graphs and reports that come with standard reporting systems.   These are “Active” dashboards that allow for custom metrics and have full “drill down” capability.  They can be manipulated to change the graph, add variables, change filters and add custom metrics that are meaningful to your business.

MyFlightSolutons uses the latest dashboard technology available to the largest corporations and brings that to your aviation operation inexpensively.   It is an optional additonal module that is licensed by the ‘named user’.  Most clients purchase a few licenses for the key management team who can benefit most from these features.

Graphically view data and trends:

  • Aircraft Performance & Utilization
  • Training Progress, Abinitio Training Progress, Instructor Performance
  • Crew Utilization and performance
  • Staff Tracking and SLA Dashboards
  • Maintenance Labor trends over time (work vs billing vs payroll time)

Drill Down into data of interest:

  • Found 6 aircraft flying 2x more hours than others, why?
  • Fuel burn on this route is 12% higher with Crew 1 vs all other crews
  • An instructor trains in 10% less hours on average than other instructors
  • Training Example: Class to Students to Instructors – drill into summary, individual, course, etc.
  • Mechanic A does Maitenance Template Tasks #1-#3 30% faster than others on average, why?

Ability to modify (graphs, metrics, filters) and create new dashboards.  Either the user or MyFlightSolutions consulting staff can be engaged to help create the “exact” dashboard and metrics to ensure success.

  • Over 20 graph types supported
  • Unlimited Metrics and custom metrics can be created
  • Modify current dashboard and optionally create your own
Aircraft Flow vs Scheduled
Lesson vs Repeats
Schedule vs Flown
Avg Lesson Time vs Average Total Time

MyFlight Dashboard Features

  • Graphical View with Trends and Metrics
  • Unlimited Metrics and Custom Metrics
  • Schedule them to run and email results
  • Save your favorite views and filters
  • Create new & modify existing dashboards
  • View all of your data the way you want